The World’s First Tumblender  (Tumbler + Blender)

The Tumblender is a unique way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The Tumblender offers true portability: cut your fruit at home and blend in the home, office, RV or on a hike just before you drink. This keeps all the nutrients in tact. With the USB charged base, no AC is required for convenience.

This is the easy way to enjoy a nutritious drink On the go, hiking, camping, in the RV, after a strenuous workout, the Tumblender offers the perfect thirst quencher.  The 10 oz container with a flip top, allows you to drink straight out of the food grade plastic container which fits neatly into the coffee cup holder in your car.


Additionally, the powerful base acts as a power bank and allows charging of your Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Camera etc quickly and conveniently.

 Enjoy a smoothie, shake or even a  cocktail of your choice at any time – on the go. Even crush ice.

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